Unleash the Power of AI in Your Business

Discover how AI can revolutionise your business operations, enhance customer relations, and give you a competitive edge. Our AI solutions are designed with a human-first approach, ensuring that technology serves your needs and goals and not the other way around.

Start with a strong AI strategy

AI makes sense by the numbers

Our AI Strategy services provide initial assessments, define ROI for AI, create AI transformation roadmaps, and execute pilot projects.
Book a session to define your strategy.

Revenue increase according to Adobe for SMEs using AI
Of customers embrace AI for enhanced experiences - Capgemini
Overall cost savings in AI adoption for SMEs stated by Accenture
Of executives see AI as a competitive edge - MIT Sloan
Productivity increase in SMEs reported by McKinsey
Processes that can be automated according toMcKinsey
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Workshops: A first step into AI transformation

Open sessions, team sessions or customised workshops are a great way of understanding how AI can help you drive business transformation.

Open webinars

We host one webinar every month. Discover how far you can get with AI solutions and the level of difficulty these imply. Sign up as availability is limited.

Team workshops

1 or 2 day workshops that help align management with all teams and departments. From AI basics to specific solutions, we'll embark your team into the AI journey

Custom workshops

We are building tailored solutions for specific teams and companies. Let's start a conversation and understand what your requirements are.

We've created 1MAI so you can get started without big worries

Starting small and piloting allows SMBs to manage risk effectively while exploring the transformative potential of AI.

This approach enables businesses to validate concepts, measure impact, and gain valuable insights with minimal investment. It's a strategic way to ensure resources are used efficiently, fostering innovation and growth in a controlled, scalable manner.

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AI-Powered Business Acceleration:
The 1MAI Approach

Our "1MAI - Integrating AI to Your Business in 20 Days" program helps mid-sized businesses quickly and effectively leverage the power of AI. We make AI easy to understand and implement, providing you with the tools and frameworks for success.

Focus on talent, not technology

The true value of AI lies in enhancing the capabilities of your team, enabling them to achieve more with innovative tools designed to complement their skills and drive business success.

Stay Up to Date with AI Literacy Resources

We provide the latest knowledge and tools to ensure your team not only understands AI but also uses it to create new opportunities for growth and innovation.

Hands on pilot projects to see results fast

Our approach lets you see the tangible benefits of AI in action, demonstrating how targeted solutions can immediately enhance your operations and decision-making processes.

1MAI - Step by step

Begin with ease,
Excel with speed

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AI Assessment

Assessing whwere you stand today is critical to build an AI solution that succeeds.

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Alignment & Vision

Create a clear roadmap through our workshops, strategy solutions and technology definitions.

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Create a Pilot

Select a process where AI implementation can be tested, reviewed and improved. Start small and fast.

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Review and Improve

Iterate and improve. Review and measure. Build and scale.
Change your mindset and deliver with ROI.

Revolutionise marketing

Unlock the Power of AI in Marketing

Discover the specific benefits of leveraging AI in your marketing solutions. Increase your ROI, streamline processes, and scale your campaigns like never before.

Boost ROI

We have ROI calculators that help deliver successful investment in AI. Analyse, track and review your progress.

Drive Efficiency

Automate repetitive tasks, streamline your marketing processes and improve your teams' performance with AI-powered solutions.

Unsure about how to fit AI in your business?

You're not the first. Have a chat with us.
We'll make the complex simple and sort an AI solution for you.

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